Thursday, February 26, 2009

What the hell is a "Salted Foot?"

The "salted foot" thing is a joke that came about the night of the Great Blog Disaster. A very beloved friend came over to sit with me and while commiserating about how badly, how truly badly i had messed up, and trying to make sense of the whole thing - which was so out of character, such a desperate cry for help - she asked me if I wanted salt to put on that foot I had wedged in my mouth. I don't remember now specifically if she actually said something to the effect of "" or not, but I was immediately and completely struck. My old blog had a very boring, stupid name, and suddenly I was being handed The Salted Foot. When you've stuck your foot in your mouth, d'ya want salt on it, or would you prefer it plain??? This blog is a rant, a rave, a free-form spiritual exploration, and as such, it's going to be full of moments when I just stick my foot in my mouth and bite down hard. I don't mind.

That's why it's anonymous, unless of course I've invited you here, in which case you know me to a degree. Cyber friends, welcome. The last blog was basically "broken in to" by someone who I don't particularly like, and who doesn't particularly like me, who doesn't follow any of the aspects of my lifestyle, and who I did not (at least not in my memory) give my blog address to. I remember giving it to friends, and I did not count this person as a friend. Anyway. I have no idea why this person was even bothering to read my blog, unless there was malice in their intent, watching and waiting for the moment when I would say something wrong. And I did! I'm so glad I made it worth his/her wait. It must have been terrifically boring in the meantime.

But over here on the left, I'm so happy to see my girls, BadAsh and Sarah! I'm so honored that you have chosen to follow my new blog, even though it might not talk much about our area of common interest that brought us together - I'll save most of that for our online community, and may start another blog about it. We'll see. But it does make the title funnier, don't you think? (there's an inside joke there.)

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