Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Energy Healing

I had another session with my energy healer today. It was blow-your-socks-off intense. He kept apologizing afterwards, saying he may have gone too far, but since I was doing such a good job of it, why not keep going? Fine by me, that's how I go too.

So after my session, I was wiped out but exhilarated, and now it's almost 1am and I can't sleep. I'm so full of ideas and inspirations. Trying to figure out what I want, and I think I caught a glimpse of it.

A few years ago, I worked for a summer as a raw food chef at a fairly famous raw food retreat. It was an amazing experience, not the least for the fact that I was able to learn a lot about being in a retreat environment. I loved a lot about it, and I had a lot of things that I personally needed to do differently. Since it wasn't my retreat, nothing I could do about those things I needed done differently, so I left.

Tossing and turning tonight, I saw it: my retreat. That's what I want for myself, why not make it for others? A retreat that would combine everything I love: raw food (80-10-10 style, mind you!), yoga, art, music, creativity, meditation, the outdoors, small groups of people gathered for a purpose, camping, hiking, advising, intuitive learning, spiritual growth. The whole bit. All I need for it is a small piece of land! I've wanted this for years. And years. I've glimpsed it in many different configurations, but this is it. Now is the time, and this is the place. It's not just possible. Something might just be being born...

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  1. Great idea! I attended a couple of yoga retreats in the Maryland woods years ago, and I absolutely loved one of them. Put on by Sunflower Yoga Co. We did Indian cooking, many other things in addition to yoga-meditation classes all day.

    The site belonged to a church, I think, which rented or even loaned it out to the yoga concern. I loved the first one, went with a friend and we roomed in a duplex type cabin next door to the retreat masseuse. I left that weekend so inspired.

    The second one, not so good. I had to sleep in a big bunk-style cabin with about 20 other women and barely slept a wink. Hacking coughs, multiple bathroom trips all night. I realized then I'm just too rigid about my sleep to do that sort of thing anymore. I was too tired to enjoy the retreat and left early.

    I'm detailing this to give you an idea about what people are willing to pay for and what keeps them coming back.