Monday, March 9, 2009

I am God's Pet

I think God loves us the way we love our pets. Not even so much the way we love our children or lovers - too many human expectations - but in the way we love our beloved pets. We take care of them and give them their freedom, we don't expect them to behave in any way other than the way they do. With enough love and gentle training, we can teach them to be more like us, but we still understand who they are and we love them so deeply, so unconditionally, with nothing more than fervent and constant devotion.

So if I am like God's little kitty cat - welcome to jump up into His lap and be stroked and petted, with all the water and food I ever need - all I need to do to "earn" this luxury of love and care is to simply be myself. To share myself in the way that makes me happiest is also the way that God loves me the most. Isn't that amazing?

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