Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Most Glorious Day!!!

Today's words have been done mostly through my voice, which has been really exciting. I can't even begin to count the blessings of today, they have been so many, but here are the highlights:

1) I woke up to a dream in which I was visiting a Sacred Circle, like Stonehenge.
2) then I went to Michael Tamura's website (, found a YouTube video, watched that and it was speaking DIRECTLY to me, of course.
3) got a phone call from a good friend
4) met another good friend at Starbuck's - don't normally go to Starbuck's, but she does, and it was her treat, so while there I got to try a really yummy drink called a "London Fog" which is a tea latte made an earl-grey type tea with vanilla, bergamot and lavender. I had it with soymilk. TOTALLY not on my regimen, but also totally a wonderful treat.
5) my good friend I met at Starbuck's is a woman who, when I met her, my heart just immediately went "YUMMY!!! MINE! MY FRIEND! She's got stuff I need to know! Can she be my friend and teacher pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzze?" I just love her. And I have been so freakin' busy that despite the fact that we live in the same neighborhood and I practically drive past her house every day, we have not been able to find time to sit together and have a cup of tea in the almost 2 years that I have known her. RIDICULOUS! So now, I have this blessing of a Sunday morning free and clear, with plenty of time to sit and chat. Wow.
6) my good friend I met at Starbuck's is: a potter, a realtor, a yoga teacher, an astrologer, and a counselor. She's all of that and more. It was so amazing to talk to someone in this situation who not only knew all of the players on a human level, but who could also look at them from a more global, even cosmic level and give a really wide-ranging insight on what had happened, like "wow - Pluto is going conjunct this person's Sun. No wonder!" We had an amazing conversation in which I told her the experiences and she gave me the insights. Incredible.
7) during my time at Starbuck's, I had calls from one of my best friends, my boyfriend, and my energy healer. They're all super-awesome.
8) the weather today was just knock-your-eyeballs-out perfect. 65 degrees, spotless turquoise sky, just blustery enough to make the kite festival fun and interesting. I got to spend my whole afternoon in the park instead of stuck at work! woo-hoo!
9) I am practicing amusement and laughter. This is work I'm taking very seriously. I made a point to walk around with a smile on my face, and to smile at everybody. I even waved at people. I smiled at dogs like crazy - I always talk to dogs, too - smiled at babies, smiled at grown-ups, everybody. I had one baby go out of his way to catch my attention and make sure I waved at him. He was great. Whenever I saw something funny happen, I laughed and chatted with the people involved. One guy had a ring-shaped kite, and it fell out of the sky and landed neatly around the head of an adorable little girl - she looked like she was around 5 or so, playing with her sister. I laughed and asked the guy how many points that was worth - he said he wasn't sure, so I said it's gotta be at least 3 points for that. And then the older sister, being careful to extricate the kite strings from her little sister's braids and barrettes said, "nah - that's 4 points for sure!"
10) this guy had the coolest kite - a yellow dragon with a 6-foot wingspan, and an 8-foot tail. wow.
11) I got to sit at a picnic table at the crossroads for all the people leaving the park, and all the people coming in, plus all the people just exercising. Dogs! Kids! Bicycles! Kites! Strollers! Joggers! Young! Old! Everybody! So much fun.
12) I got calls from closest, bestest friends which I was sitting there, so they got to join in the fun, too.
13) I talked with a very powerful supporter. This is a woman I respect so much, and she totally is in agreement that I did a stupid thing, but she feels that what the business owner did was more stupid. She asked me what I am going to do now, and I told her that I am going to take 3 months sabbatical to write. "Good for you!!!" she said. "I'll help you in anyway that I can. I don't know anything about writing, but anything I can do for you, anything at all, just let me know." So I bit the bullet and said, "Can I ask you for financial assistance?" And she said YES!!! We're going to meet next week. Short term, she's going to help me rest and write, and long-term, we may work on opening our own business together. This is massively cool. Suddenly, for the first time in days, I felt like I could take a really, really deep breath.
14) I came home and talked to my Mommy. I hadn't called my parents until yesterday, until after the news. I talked with my Daddy yesterday, and my Mommy today. That was good. And still no nephew, but he'll be here anytime in the next 2 weeks!!! Little Pisces Boy. First grandchild. Pretty exciting.
15) went to Whole Foods and got some dinner. The cute check-out guy (I love me some cute Whole Foods check-out guys! Dated one once, hot Mr. 1977 tattooed yogi artist. He still makes me smile to think about. I hope he's doing really well.) asked me how my day was, and I beamed back, "Absolutely awesome!" "Really?" he said. "Whatcha been up to?" "Gettin' fired!" "Well awlright!" he said, giving me a mental high-five.
16) came home and ANOTHER good friend came over and we spent a couple of hours working on healing a tough work situation for her. That was amazing for me, using the tools I've spent the past few days learning, plus some others I just made up on the spot - little Byron Katie, little Michael Tamura, little creative visualization, etc. We did a lot of color healing - pink fluffy glittery stuff for the person she's in conflict with, a big noble purple for the client who's getting screwed as a result, some bright yellow sunshine up the ass (literally!) of a friend who's just had rectal surgery. THAT was fun!
17) and I did some color healing for the people I've been in conflict with. I put great big huge yellow candy valentine's hearts (you know the chalky ones? that pale yellow?) with pink writing on them that say "We Love You Lisa!" all over the house and workplace of one of the people - and "We Love You Lisa!" is being said repeatedly in the voice of David Sedaris as his sister Lisa's parrot, who she taught to say that, which I think is totally ironic and hilarious as his whole family is fodder for his stories, names and all their gory details. Lisa needs some pale, soft yellow. (oh, see, now I've gone and given you a name. And since there's only one Lisa out there in the world, you'll definitely be able to figure it all out now!) And I put emerald-city green glasses on the eyes of the business owner, so he can get some desperately needed green light in his field, and poured golden caramel (for grounding) into the field of the 3rd person. It mostly felt good to get some laughter into the story. It's an inside joke, but it's hilarious to think of this business owner walking around with everything in his sight suddenly turned green, and the voice of David Sedaris pursuing Lisa, telling her we love her.

So that's where I've been today. It's been an amazing day. More happened than that - that's just the short version. The love and support and opening of relationships, all the intimate details, that's all mine, my golden treasures. I'll transmute those into words tomorrow.

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