Monday, March 2, 2009

Humor, Laughter and Amusement

After a melancholy day, I was instructed to write a new post that would pull more light, love and laughter back into this holy-seeking blog. Good idea! Still feeling groggy, though, I figured what I really needed was some laughter therapy. I want to watch The Office. Surely nothing I've ever done in "real Life" is as stupid, offensive, or ridiculous as what Michael does on The Office, so that will lighten me up and make me laugh and then I'll be in a terrific place to write a terrific post.

And the Universe is cracking me up! We don't need no stinkin' comedy routines! This mess is FUNNY! Not only do I have an old computer that moves slow, well, suffice it to say that I've been working on loading the video for about 10 minutes when I give up on Hulu and go to NBC. Once I get to NBC, I get the message that I need a new flash player. So I go to Adobe. It's going to take 7 minutes to load the new flash. Hmmmmm.

I seek laughter, so I go to a comedy. I seek patience, so I get a slow-moving computer. My comedy won't load. I gotta laugh, because if this WERE a comedy, it would be hysterical. I feel like I am being told so clearly: the laughter cannot be because something is funny. The laughter must come from you, from within, because it's ALL funny! The whole of Nature is roaring with laughter at the joy of simply being what IS.

The situation that I have just left is funnier and full of more wonderful characters than The Office could ever dream. My current situation - sitting on this pink comforter in this messy little house, making mistakes and pissing people off and just trying to make things make sense and failing miserably - this is funny. I have to laugh at how SERIOUS I am about it all. The pout and the self-pity and the worry. Remember, the spell to dispell a Boggart: RIDIKULOUS!!! And how do you get rid of dementors? You think of the happiest, strongest clearest thing you have. Laughter is the magic that rids us of evil, worries, neuroses, anger, fretfulness, addictions, cravings, loneliness and sorrow. Laughter is the only medicine. I've been saying for days that I am going to do laughter work, and I have yet to put myself in a place of just letting go and laughing.

well, HA!!!! to that! time to get giggling.

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